Requiem for Insects (2019)

A Requiem for Insects’ discusses the current decline in insect populations across Australia and explores my concern about the extinction crisis in the Anthropocene Epoch. 

Insects are keystone species and are critical to the health and integrity of our ecosystems. All the species depicted in my work are on the threatened species list or – from my observations  – are declining in my local environment. 

The work is created through laser cutting and engraving of wood, then adding watercolour to make the insects appear more lifelike. The process of painting each piece is an action of focusing attention on each insect as it slowly disintegrates and disappears from existence.

The work is displayed as a collector’s box. These insects pinned to the wall ask the viewer whether in a hundred years these specimens will exist only in collections? 


DSC_6907c (4)

dragonfly 1bee 2golden sun mothmoth 4